Melissa Welker is an Atlanta-based interior designer with a southern sensibility that embodies a mix of new and old, fresh color, and classic silhouettes. 

Raised in Waco, Texas, Melissa realized her passion for art and interiors at a young age. An upbringing in warm, gracious family homes formed the foundation for her love of the decorative arts and a classic aesthetic. After an early interest in design, Melissa went on to attend the University of Mississippi where she earned a B.A. in Art History and spent a semester studying architecture and art in Florence, Italy. Post graduation, she honed her craft under the noted and ever-inspiring Betty Burgess of Betty Burgess Design, eventually holding the title of senior designer. 

In 2018, Melissa launched her eponymous firm Melissa Lacy Design.

The Firm

Melissa Lacy Design is a full service residential interiors firm based in Atlanta, Georgia led by founder and principal designer Melissa Welker. 

Believing all spaces should distinctly reflect the inhabitat’s nature and lifestyle, Melissa creates spaces that are uniquely personal, sophisticated and approachable. Focusing on full-home renovations and historic properties, Melissa prides herself on a seamless collaboration process with homeowners, architects and craftsmen throughout the process. 

Infusing each project with personality, cohesiveness and an idiosyncratic blend of vintage, antiques and custom, Melissa Lacy Design executes one-of-a-kind interiors nationwide.